Crafting Serenity: Jon’s Landscape Vision Comes to Life

Werbrich’s Landscaping, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, has beautifully executed a comprehensive backyard project, highlighted by a state-of-the-art fiberglass pool and custom landscaping.

The Beginning: A Landscape Architect’s Canvas

A Space Transformed: Jon, seasoned Landscape Architect with Werbrich’s Landscaping in Cincinnati, Ohio, approached a barren backyard with a vision to convert it into a thriving hub of leisure and beauty, integrating the natural slope towards a wooded backdrop with an architectural masterpiece.

The Transformation: Beyond Landscaping

Meticulous Design: With a keen eye for detail, Jon and his team embarked on a journey to revamp each element of the backyard. From a carefully shaped pool to retaining walls that blend with the natural topography, and from the newly installed deck to strategic lighting that accentuates the beauty of the outdoors, no stone was left unturned.

Personalized Approach: Crafting with the Client in Mind

Delightful Challenges: Jon’s existing rapport with the homeowner added a layer of personal investment to the project. Knowing the family’s construction equipment background allowed him to tailor the process, making it not only about the outcome but also about the shared experience of creation.

The Vision: A Pool That Dominates the Design

Designing with Intention: The project centered around the pool, a dominant feature in the compact backyard. Jon’s vision was executed with precision, ensuring the pool’s placement addressed the elevation challenges through innovative design solutions like the well-placed retaining wall.

“When I design, I look at the space from a bird’s eye view that no one else experiences from that vantage point,” noted Jon.

Tyler’s Innovation: Functional Fun for Family

Jumping Pad Joy: Tyler, the creative Project Manager, suggested a jumping pad with a water feature—a hit among the grandchildren and a testament to Werbrich’s commitment to family-centric design, blending functionality with fun.

“The homeowner wanted this add-on feature for her grandkids to enjoy,” said Jon.

“Tyler was such a joy to work with and was so creative with his special touches,” emphasized the homeowner. “I really enjoyed seeing what he came up with for my grandkids.”

The homeowner further emphasized how Tyler and his crew were always at the top of their game. They were always on time, attentive to her questions and concerns, open to any of her suggestions or changes, and always cleaned up at the end of every day.

“They did such a fantastic job, and this was such a fun journey,” smiled the homeowner, who noted that, for her, it’s not just about being in the pool. It is also the enjoyment of just admiring it from her deck or from inside her home.

The Pathway: An Elegant Entrance

Gravel and Grace: Replacing mundane steppingstones that previously dotted the walkway from the yard to the patio and deck, the pathway now boasts stunning travertine pavers accented with oversized gravel on the side leading to an updated composite deck with modern railings—a prelude to the aquatic indulgence that is the crown jewel of the backyard.

The Main Attraction: A Pool of Possibilities

Tech-Enabled Tranquility: The Illusion 40′ fiberglass pool by Imagine Pools, resplendent in Reef Blue, is not merely a pool but a nexus of features. With the homeowner’s tech-savvy touch, the pool’s heating system and automatic cover, among other features, are operable via a smart device, offering convenience and control at her fingertips.

“I love the fact that I can operate my pool’s features no matter where I am,” emphasized the homeowner, who has, on more than one occasion, agreed to a request from an enthusiastic neighbor who wanted to go for a late-night swim while she was on vacation or from extended family members who live nearby who desired an afternoon play session in the pool.

The Details: Textures and Lights that Tell a Tale

Ambient Elegance: Granite boulders, travertine pavers, and limestone caps provide a feast for the senses, while LED lighting casts a warm glow, enhancing the allure of this backyard retreat well into the evening. Again, Tyler was highly instrumental in coordinating all of these head-turning appointments that populate the surrounding vistas.

The Culmination: A Neighborhood Oasis

Creating Memories: This backyard project overseen by Tyler and Jon, along with Werbrich’s Landscaping outstanding team of professionals, exemplifies a commitment to creating spaces that resonate deeply with families. It stands as a sanctuary for the homeowner and a beacon of joy for the community, illustrating the transformative power of combining technological convenience with landscape beauty.

This extensive backyard transformation, enriched with smart technology, allows the homeowner to manage the pool’s various features effortlessly, ensuring the space remains a flexible and welcoming environment for all occasions. Whether it’s preparing for an impromptu swim session or securing the pool for safety, the integration of smart technology has made luxury and peace of mind synonymous in this family’s everyday life.

The Werbrich’s Difference: In-House Excellence

At the heart of this transformation lies Werbrich’s Landscaping’s philosophy of in-house craftsmanship. Unlike many in the industry, Werbrich’s doesn’t rely on subcontractors, ensuring that every facet of their projects reflects their own high standards of excellence. This self-reliance translates to a seamless workflow and an unmatched consistency in quality, from the initial design sketches to the final touches of the landscape. It’s this dedication to providing an end-to-end service under one roof that sets Werbrich’s apart, fostering trust and satisfaction among homeowners who see their visions realized with skill, care, and a personal touch that only a dedicated team can provide. 

With every project, Werbrich’s reaffirms their reputation as artisans of the outdoors, crafting spaces that are not only visually stunning but are also a testament to the skilled labor and passion of their in-house professionals.

And this raving customer testimonial fully supports that reputation.

“Everything about this project was perfect,” said the homeowner. “Werbrich’s took care of everything, it was a fun time, and there was never a frustrating day.”