Mastering the Art of Phasing Your Outdoor Project

When embarking on an outdoor living project, understanding the concept of “phasing” is essential for effective planning and budget management. Phasing involves creating an overall plan for your project and then strategically selecting portions to install at different times. This approach allows clients to spread out costs, making the project more affordable and manageable over time, with the expertise of Werbrich Custom Outdoor Living.

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What is Phasing in Outdoor Living Projects?

Phasing means designing a comprehensive plan for your outdoor space and then breaking it down into manageable sections. This way, clients can prioritize immediate needs and add additional features as their budget allows. For example, a client might start with a patio and later add landscaping, lighting, or a fireplace.

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Prioritizing Components Based on Budget Constraints

Determining which components to prioritize can be challenging, but typically, foundational elements like a patio come first. Subsequent phases might include landscaping, lighting, or additional structures. Planning these elements in advance ensures that necessary infrastructure, such as footers for a future fireplace or overhead structure, is in place from the beginning.

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Importance of a Detailed Cost Breakdown

Providing a detailed cost breakdown for each phase is crucial for effective budget planning. Clients need to know the total cost of the entire project as well as the specific costs for each phase. We offer precise pricing for phases to be completed in the short term and provide ballpark estimates for future phases. This transparency helps clients plan their finances more effectively and avoid unexpected expenses.

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Developing a Realistic Timeline

Creating a realistic timeline for each phase is vital to ensure smooth progress and maintain quality. We work closely with clients to develop a timeline that aligns with their goals and accommodates any constraints. This careful planning helps avoid delays and ensures that each phase is completed to the highest standards.

Selecting Materials and Features for Future Phases

To minimize disruptions and additional costs, we advise clients to select all materials upfront, even if they don’t plan to install a particular phase immediately. This ensures consistency in the design and allows us to provide accurate pricing. By choosing materials in advance, clients can achieve a cohesive look and feel for their outdoor space.

Managing Changes in Budget or Priorities

Flexibility is key when handling changes in budget or priorities mid-project. We have contingency plans in place to accommodate adjustments and ensure the project stays on track. Whether it’s scaling back certain elements or accelerating others, our goal is to align with the client’s vision and financial situation.

Aligning Initial Phases with Long-Term Vision

Ensuring the initial phases align with the client’s long-term vision is paramount. We start with a detailed design that incorporates all desired elements, such as a patio, outdoor fireplace, covered structure, landscaping, lighting, outdoor bar/kitchen, or putting green. By installing foundational components like concrete footers, drainage, and conduit sleeves in the first phase, we set the
stage for seamless future construction.

At Werbrich Custom Outdoor Living, we’ve successfully completed numerous projects using this phased approach. By designing a comprehensive plan and implementing it in stages, we help clients achieve their dream outdoor living space without overwhelming their budget. Whether it’s starting with a patio and adding landscaping and lighting later or incorporating complex features
like an outdoor bar or fireplace, our phased approach ensures a smooth and satisfying journey from concept to completion. Contact us today to get your project started.