Landscape Maintenance


The landscaping throughout your property represents a sizable investment. It is one of the few purchases you will make that, when properly maintained, will actually appreciate in value over time.

Werbrich’s Landscaping’s Landscape Maintenance Plan

Early Spring (March)

  • Deep edge landscape beds
  • Prune and shape and scape trees and shrubs
  • Cut down ornamental grasses/perennials
  • Remove leaves as needed

Mid to Late Spring (April 15th-May 15th)

  • Apply Pre-Emergent (weed preventative)
  • Apply Mulch
  • Apply fertilizer as needed

Summer (July-August)

  • Prune new growth on trees/shrubs
  • “dead head” perennials as needed
  • De-weed landscape beds
  • Spot mulch thin areas

Fall (October)

  • Bed clean up
  • Prune and shape landscape trees and shrubs
  • Remove annuals
  • Cut back perennials
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