Cincinnati Water Feature

There is nothing like the sound of bubbling water to calm your mental state after a hard day of work.  Creating a space in your yard or on your property adds a tremendous value in both atmosphere and landscape value. There are a several ways to customize a water feature

  • Container fountains
  • Small pre-formed ponds
  • Waterfalls over walls and into a pond
  • Larger ponds with fountains
  • Waterfalls only (recirculating) over a wall or container
  • Waterfalls into a swimming pool
  • Elegant “Japanese Water Gardens”
  • Bubblers

When we design your “happy place”, keep in mind that Waterfalls can be as simple and elegant as a 2’ to 3’ drop, or as breathtaking as a 10’ fall into an enticing pool. Many times, homeowners feel that they need a large area for a pond or fountain. But our landscape designers can customize a water feature in a space as small as 3-4 square feet on the edge of your patio or garden, all the way to a large Pond with fish and plants. The sizes and shapes are endless and can be designed around the space that you have available.

Water can be added to an existing outdoor living space with an outdoor shower (at the edge of a pool); a lighted stacked stone feature with fire pit surrounding it; a water channel that crosses your patio and drops into a small pond; bubbler fountains that “bubble up” out of creek-bed stones or that bubble over larger carved stone or granite. Are we stirring your imagination?  Water features with outdoor lighting to highlight the area and accentuate your plants, your entertaining center and your outdoor living area, will create a dramatic and inviting space for your home.

Aside from the unique beauty an outdoor water feature creates, it makes a statement about your love of nature. It invites animals, birds and insects to your property, increasing the ecosystem. Flora and fauna thrive around ponds and water. A gentle creek running through your property or into a koi pond help is a beautiful sight! And a recent study suggested that the sounds of water helps people to calm down and relax after a stressful day at work.

Water features are affordable and will add to the value and appeal of your property.  With landscape lighting they can be enjoyed year-round. At Werbrich’s, we will work with you to produce the sight and sounds you envision.

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