Cincinnati Stone Masonry

You may not think you would ever use a Stone Mason, until you need one. In fact, you may not even know what a stone mason does. A stone mason is craftsman who cuts, prepares and builds with stone, a stone cutter.  We love stone masonry.

Why would you need a stone mason?

These projects all require the steady hand and expert knowledge of a trained Stone Mason. At Werbrich’s, we can handle even the most complex job in Cincinnati OH.  If you are planning a major landscape job on your property, chances are we will be utilizing the talent of one of our stone masons. Cutting stone and bricks to highlight a firepit or spa requires each stone to be measured and cut so they lay in the direction and pattern that will accentuate the natural beauty of the stone while providing the design you want for your project.

Different stone requires different techniques to make sure it fits properly and securely. Paths need to be flat while taking on the curves and lay of the land; outdoor stairs need the stone to be cut and fit perfectly to prevent issues in the future. Retaining walls can be a matter of safety and must be built to specifications to do the job for which it is intended. Outdoor fireplaces, barbeque pits and fire pits are all stone masonry projects which must be carefully planned and built.

There are a variety of stones in today’s projects, each with its own set of pros and cons

  • Concrete (which can be colored and stamped) is very popular and a good choice for harsh climates and varying temperatures, like the Mid-west. But maintenance issues can include recoating it at least every two years to keep the color and cracking can occur due to weather and ground shifting
  • Natural Stone- flagstone, limestone, quarry stone, slate, are all a beautiful choice. Due to the fact that they are not perfectly sized or shaped, each stone must be cut and most likely, shipped in from a quarry where it has already been cut. Because of the varying thicknesses and shapes, each stone must be cut to fit, requiring more labor to complete the job. It tends to be the most expensive material.
  • Brick has been around for centuries and can be seen in sidewalks, streets and patios. But it also has maintenance issues. Because of the porous nature of the brick, it tends to hold water, freeze and break. If in a shady area, it can stay moist and grow moss, causing it to be slippery. Cracks can form, and vegetation grows through the spaces.
  • Pavers have become the stone of choice and probably the most popular for both high and low-end projects. Each piece is the same size, thickness and shape, providing a quick and less expensive installation and replacement if necessary. They come in shapes to make circles, designs of all sorts, and colors that compliment or contrast with one another.

To keep your trees and yard in pristine condition, our Stone Mason can cut stone to surround the plants and trees you have in place.  We can repair and replace walks and patios that have seen their better days. And with the unpredictable spring weather we get in Cincinnati, it is not uncommon for yards and hills to slide. That’s where a strong and architecturally sound retaining wall makes sense.

Whatever your project happens to be, a stone mason may be just what you need to complete the job. You might not have a Stone Mason on your speed dial, but you should have Werbrich’s there, just in case you need one.

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