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Installing an inground pool is one of the largest investments a homeowner can make to his property. Be sure to use a professional Landscape and Pool Project Contractor to complete this job. If you are thinking of adding a pool to your property, there are a few things to consider:

  • Budget amount you are willing to spend
  • Area where the pool will be located
  • What activities you want to use the pool for-(playtime, laps, exercise, diving, etc)?
  • Heated or not heated
  • Type of materials (Gunite/concrete, steel walls with liner, fiberglass drop-in pre-form, vinyl)
  • Are you adding a hot tub or spa?
  • Do you want a slide and/or a diving board?
  • Interior lighting
  • Decking and decking materials

As you can see from this partial list, a pool is a huge commitment, consideration and expense. But with the right installation and selection, it will last the life of the homeowner and quite possibly the life of the home with proper maintenance.

Swimming pools come in many sizes and shapes. Your property will dictate some of the limitations you must consider. Are there trees on your property? What type of ground is under your home and lot?  At Werbrich’s, our specially trained professionals can design and build the pool of your dreams with all of these things in mind.

Many Custom pools made of concrete have a  finish called with Gunite, a method of applying the concrete to the pool shell, which is popular in our area and hold up to the harsh winter weather.  But a pool is not just a hole in the ground filled with water, it is a water feature that requires the expertise of a Landscape Contractor and an Architect Designer to ensure your pool is properly planned and installed.

When installing a pool, decking is also very important. This can be made of poured concrete, pavers or special pool tiles, or wood. The bigger the deck, the bigger the budget which must be considered. Also a consideration is the local zoning requirements for fencing. If your property is in a neighborhood with a HOA, you will need to check with them for what is required as far as fencing and property lines are concerned.

Plants, trees and shrubs complete your backyard oasis. If you are removing existing trees, will you replace them with something else? Are you planning to accentuate your pool with container plants or in ground shrubs and flowers? While installing a pool may sound like a daunting process, Werbrich’s has built a number of pools and has the expertise and skill to provide you with an outdoor entertainment area that will keep the kids coming back year after year.   Call us to start the process.

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