Cincinnati Pavers and Patios

Pavers and Patios and Werbrich Landscaping  seem to go hand-in-hand for a well designed and fashionable add-on space for your property. With the variety of sizes and shapes of pre-formed pavers, they make a perfect choice when creating an outdoor living area. There are three main types of pavers: Concrete, stone or brick. Each has a different feel and a different functionality for certain spots in your new space.

Werbrich Landscaping has designed many patios using pavers of all types. From a simple place to put your barbeque grill, to a multi-level entertainment center, to a functional patio surrounding a pool, we will provide a look and feel unique to your home.

When you meet with our Landscape Designer, they will help you decide on the many types of pavers available and discuss:

  • Location of your patio
  • Shape and function of your new space
  • Type of pavers that will work best in your location
  • The look and design of your patio including using a mixture of different pavers
  • Walkways and connectors around your home

There several benefits as to why pavers are a great choice for your next patio:

  • They come in different shapes, making curves and landscape-hugging designs easier to install.
  • The variety of colors provide a way to express your own uniqueness.
  • The different sizes make them perfect when creating a large area or multi-level patio with steps or water features.
  • They are faster to install than traditional poured-concrete, requiring less ground prep work.
  • They are low maintenance once completed.
  • They last for years and any broken or damaged paver can be replaced if necessary.
  • They are pre-finished and don’t have to be sealed or painted each year.
  • They never crack.
  • Once completed it is ready to use immediately.
  • They are unaffected by the variation in temperatures and extreme weather systems.

But probably the most popular reason pavers are being utilized so often is simply because they look so good when they are completed!

When contemplating a paver patio, one of the things that need to be considered is the initial cost of your project. Although pavers tend to be a bit more expensive with the initial build, the maintenance savings over the long run is substantial. Depending on the lay of your land, the slope, existing trees and landscape features, as well as the location to your home, will all play a part as your landscape designer helps you with the overall design.

Finally, when designing your patio or outdoor living area with Werbrich Landscaping, think about the future. Do you want to add more space later? Will you want a stone enclosure? Will you be adding additional landscape? Will you want a fire pit?  All of these things can change over time and your growing (or shrinking) family may dictate your needs and desires.  While a wide open space for kicking a ball is great when the kids are young, a nice relaxing firepit or fireplace may be just thing when you are an empty nester.

By planning now for future functionality, you will be pleased with the immediate outcome and find it easy to modify for years of use.

Are you considering a stone, brick or concrete paver driveway? There is nothing that screams “Welcome!” like the look of a brick or stone driveway to greet your guests.  A traditional blacktop or poured concrete driveway cannot compare to the beauty of natural stone, precut by a stone mason to your desired design or the look of a uniquely designed paver driveway. While the initial expense needs to be considered, brick and stone roads laid hundreds (or even thousands) of years ago are still in tack in most European cities as well as many in the United States.

Natural stone or brick driveways are meant to take the constant wear of cars or trucks; they stand up to every type of weather; they never crack, and can easily be replaced if necessary. With a variety of colors, sizes and shapes, a driveway made of these materials are nothing less than a work of art that will last the life of the home or longer.

If you are considering a patio or driveway, call Werbrich’s Landscaping and let one of our Landscape Designers work with you.

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