Cincinnati Outdoor Kitchen

Whoever coined the phrase outdoor kitchen was a genius. First, who wants to be stuck in the kitchen (inside) when all the action is happening outside? Second, how often does your kitchen fill up with people standing around to see what’s cooking?

An outdoor kitchen provides the best of both worlds: Open air cooking and lots of space for onlookers to watch the magic happen.

Our outdoor kitchens are meticulously designed by our Landscape Architects to provide the comfort and ease of an indoor kitchen, with the versatility of an outdoor work space. It can be a simple design with a work area and built-in grill, to a lavish space with granite counters, built-in everything, and an ice-maker to keep your drinks chilled.

Over the last several years, outdoor kitchens have become the focus for discriminating entertainers. Regardless of the weather, this extra space allows chefs-of-all-sorts to barbeque, bake or grill to their heart’s content without heating up the indoor kitchen. Our kitchen designer will help you focus on what is important in an outdoor area. Some things to consider for your outdoor kitchen:
• Open wood fire/oven
• Grill
• Rotisserie
• Gas burners
• Refrigerator
• Freezer/Ice Maker
• Fireplace
• Temporary/permanent storage
• Type of counter tops

Of course, other things like lighting, flooring, enclosure type and sitting area all will take shape as you work with our designer to make this area the envy of the neighborhood.

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