Cincinnati Landscape Maintenance

Once the warm weather hits the Midwest, mowers start to roar and weed eaters begin to buzz. The excitement of “yard work” and landscape maintenance brings out the nature lover in all who have experienced cabin fever for the previous 4-5 months.  Fortunately, we will soon have other things on our mind instead of cutting grass. That’s when Werbrich’s comes into the equation.

Even if the only thing you need in your yard is the grass cut on a regular basis or the mulch refreshed, and bushes pruned, Werbrich’s will take care of your yard needs. Every week our trained yard specialists take to the streets and make the yards in Cincinnati look beautiful. Landscape maintenance is one thing that needs to be done regardless of the time you have to do it.

That’s where we come in. Just like the four seasons of weather, your yard and plants also have seasonality. Dormant in the winter, as they come back to life they need a hand to help them reach their full beauty. Werbrich’s recommends fertilizing your yard in the spring as soon as the snow has melted. It’s also the perfect time to fill in bald spots in your yard with grass seed. Removing old mulch is recommended. Pruning dead branches on your trees and summer blooming plants is necessary. Rake away any old leaves that may have missed the last raking of the fall. Get on our weekly maintenance program and our annual lawn treatment schedule to keep your yard in pristine condition. Spring is a great time to maintain your water features or if they have been “closed for the winter” it’s a good time to service and refill.

In the summer, we will mow as needed, making sure to cut to the right height depending on the heat of the summer.  Trimming along the sidewalks, driveway and paths is a normal service we provide weekly.  Our landscape team will service your yard and get to know what is happening. If we see an unusual amount of insects or disease, we will let you know. Keeping your yard healthy requires weekly maintenance and care and we will be there for your needs.

Fall brings the cooler weather and falling leaves. We compost-mow, so little effort is required to rake your yard. The dying leaves help fertilize your yard from year to year. A fall grass fertilizer will be applied to keep it healthy through the winter months. If we are maintaining your water features, the fall will be when we recommend cleaning or draining if needed.

While the winter doesn’t require a lot of work, we still recommend a mid-winter fertilizer treatment to help with spring growth.  Before you know it, spring will have sprung and we start all over again! What project are you planning for the spring?

The trust you have in us is something we don’t take lightly. The same landscape team will service your yard weekly, so you know who is coming and going. You don’t have to tell a new person each week to “be sure and close the gate;” they know you and your needs.  We service and maintain your yard to your satisfaction.

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