Cincinnati Backyard Fireplace

A backyard fireplace removes the yet-to-be-summer chill from the air. Curling up with a warm drink out by the fireplace is a delightful way to usher in the fall or just enjoy a summer night in front of the fire.  Werbrich’s design team will work with you to plan and build a fireplace that enhances your property and living space.

Determining where you want your fireplace and the type of materials to build it are considerations where we can offer our expertise. Do you want it near an existing feature, like a pond, pool or outdoor kitchen? Are you looking for a place to just relax? Do you want an enclosure around it, or are you thinking an open-air design?

The type of materials you use also adds to the design. Many homeowners want their outdoor spaces to mimic their homes in architectural style and design.  Stone fireplaces make a bold statement and are hand-crafted by our stone masons stone-by-stone.  Brick has a warmth that takes you back in time on a journey to a more relaxed era. And the use of pre-formed concrete can be crafted to highlight the modern feel to match your home.

Of course, even a fireplace needs lighting to showcase the stone and provide an atmosphere of warmth and invitation.

Fireplaces can be as simple as a wood fireplace, or include a brick oven. It can be gas or pellet fueled, or seasoned logs.  Whatever your plans include, our Landscape Designer and Stone Masons can create a fireplace from your ideas.

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